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Having worked in media for nearly five years, I now offer consultancy services, in a bid to improve industry neurodiversity.

I can discuss the following areas. Of course, get in touch if you'd like me to cover something else.

  • My experience of working in TV and media

  • Being an assistant producer on new BBC series Inside Our Autistic Minds (now on iPlayer)

  • Making into the media being neurodivergent and how to grow your career

  • Media representation of neurodiversity

  • Accessibility and reasonable adjustments in the media

  • Reaching neurodivergent talent and recruitment processes

  • Working day-to-day with neurodivergent talent

  • Perspectives from the Neurodiverse Media Community

Drop me an email to talk more.

What can you expect from my neurodiversity training?

Power of Neurodiversity.png

... and much more!

Here are just a selection of the things I've done so far.

PACT article November 2022.png

PACT Neurodiversity article
In November 2022, I wrote on PACT's website about the cultural and commercial importance of hiring minds that think differently.

Neurodiversity Breakfast.jpg

Neurodiversity Breakfast with IMG Studios
In September 2022, I spoke to staff at sports production company IMG Studios about being autistic and how we can improve.

PACT ThinkBigger discussion.png

PACT/thinkBIGGER! panel with Steve Brown
In September 2022, I joined Steve Brown on a panel discussing disability in TV as part of National Inclusion Week.

The Autism Show.png

Appearance at The Autism Show
In June 2022, I spoke at The Autism Show in Manchester, reflecting on my experiences in TV and on Chris Packham's Inside Our Autistic Minds.

Interview with SIGN for Industry Voices
In January 2021, I was interviewed as part of research conducted by the Screen Industries Growth Network.


The Neurodiverse Media Community
In August 2020, I set up the Neurodiverse Media Community, a private group on Facebook. It is still growing in members.


BBC Diversi-tea Staff Stories event
In February 2020, I addressed colleagues at the BBC at MediaCityUK and described how a diagnosis 'changed my life'.


Workshops with neurodiverse charity
In October 2020, I teamed up with Starling, who provide inclusive creative workshops for socially isolated young people.


Interview with the National Autistic Society
In June 2020, I spoke to the UK's leading autism charity about the importance of the representation in the media.

Full Nations and Regions Conference speech
In 2018, I spoke at a media conference in Salford encouraging the industry not to just 'paint stereotypes', but to 'draw a rainbow of life'.

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