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My Story

Ever since I was young, I have dreamed of working in the media. Truly obsessive about the industry, sports coverage, entertainment and factual formats were the focus of my teenage life; studying them, analysing them and hoping one day I can be involved in making them.

After six years making YouTube videos and volunteering, I moved to Salford to do a degree in BA Television and Radio. Since graduating, I have worked in many areas of the media, mainly for the BBC. My last TV production role was on Chris Packham's award-winning Inside Our Autistic Minds documentary seriesin which I was an assistant producer.

Since November 2022, I have moved into the journalism world in an attempt to improve representation around neurodiversity. Since then, I have reported on-air a number of times and had articles published across the BBC and The Guardian.

A look at my journey to becoming a regular reporter, spanning 16 years

I released this video in August 2020 as part of an effort to improve understanding of neurodiversity

In 2017, I was diagnosed as autistic. This provides a number of strengths for me, including a high attention to detail, strong observational skills and a methodical approach.
In the workplace, neurodiversity can offer real potential and I am a big supporter of ensuring those who are neurodivergent are accommodated to help create an equal, diverse and fair society. 

I now advocate and
consult around the subject and regularly talk at production companies and universities.

You can view my portfolio of work here and catch up on my latest news here.

The media is about storytelling and providing an insight into real people's lives. You must therefore fulfil your duty of respecting their privacy and respecting their struggle, which without you would have no story.

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