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Article on impact of neurodiversity goes live on Pact website

8 November 2022

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An article I've written about the strengths of neurodiversity has been published by screen sector trade body Pact.

In the article, I call on independent production companies to do more for neurodivergent people, explaining that making a "small difference" to employees could "further" business.

Referencing the power of neurodiversity in creative industries, I indicate that "commercially, it’s genius to hire (and accommodate) neurodivergent people." I express that we need to talk more about the subject as indies might not be aware of the term neurodiversity.

John McVay OBE, Chief Executive, says Pact is "run by indies for indies", and that members are at the "heart of everything" they do. In recent weeks, Pact announced that the ninth edition of their Indie Diversity Scheme had got underway in London.

You can find out more about Pact's work here.

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