Interview on diversity goes live as part of SIGN's Industry Voices series

26 January 2021

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Today, the Screen Industries Growth Network (SIGN) has released a video series on diversity, in which I talk openly about being neurodiverse.

In partnership with Candour Productions, SIGN researched, designed and co-created the series, titled Industry Voices, as research to highlight discrimination within the media industry.

In my film, one of 11 experiences shared, I talked about a "stereotypical media upbringing" but that people would be "gobsmacked" on hearing I was both autistic and gay. I also reflected on how the industry impacts mental health and the advantages of a neurodiverse workforce.

Diversity and Inclusion lead for SIGN, Dr Beth Johnson, said "we want the films and stories shared to operate beyond advocacy, and form part of a broader campaign for structural change. Through collective voices, we can amplify key narratives and real lives."

You can watch my full film, shot late in 2020, by clicking here.