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Ambitions and context

I'm keen to continue developing presenting experience across both factual and sports content. I would like to tell more stories about under-represented communities and to be an on-screen advocate for neurodivergent people, who often struggle for opportunities.

Having worked with Chris Packham on Inside Our Autistic Minds (aired early 2023), I am aware of the power of representation. I have become increasingly aware of a lack of neurodiversity on screen and feel the next generation need somebody new to look up to. We need more presenters to be proud of being neurodivergent.

I've always felt like there was a stigma around wanting to be a 'TV presenter', always being told it's very competitive and that I wouldn't stand a chance. I ultimately suppressed that ambition to focus on being a producer, but was recently encouraged (at this event) to try life on-screen.

I'm so lucky to have had a life-long obsession with television.
I have genuinely always found talking to cameras easier than talking to people!
To be able to do this and to make a difference is the ultimate dream.

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