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Two weeks covering the Paralympics for Channel 4 comes to an end

5 September 2021

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After two weeks and thirteen shifts, I have today finished my role at Whisper TV helping produce coverage of the Paralympics for Channel 4.

Based in Ealing, London, I helped produce a number of VTs for overnight coverage of the Games that took place in Tokyo, Japan. It was also my first role contracted as an assistant producer. 

During the course of the two weeks, I worked with editors and the VT co-ordinator to keep overnight coverage of the delayed Games on air, cutting highlights, features and other material. It was a real joy working with such talented creatives.

Working in live TV for the first time, I enjoyed working in the busy, fast-paced environment. There were a number of times we delivered VTs with just seconds to spare and this was my first real experience of working under intense time pressure.

You can watch some of the VTs I made here and my credit, broadcast at the end of the closing ceremony, here.

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