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Channel 4 Paralympics coverage

Take a look at my work on Channel 4's 2020 Paralympic Games coverage.

Channel 4 Paralympics with team.png

I was lucky enough to cut the opening sequence to coverage of the first day of competition and, new to the edit house setup, it was quite stressful.


We initially struggled to locate the footage shot in Tokyo at first but eventually found it.


I was really pleased with how it came out and it was equally as thrilling seeing it broadcast live on Channel 4.

One of my favourite edits was producing this overnight table tennis round up for the morning Breakfast show.


Editor Liam and I managed to squeeze three matches into just 90 seconds, with expert commentator Ivan Gaskell providing the voiceover. 

The night flew by and it was great to see this transmit over breakfast...

On the last night of Channel 4's coverage, I was asked by VT coordinator Julie to help prepare 'floats' to commemorate some memorable moments that happened during the Paralympics.

I produced seven sequences in total but just a few made it to air. Here are some of the moments broadcast, voiced by our overnight voice-over presenter Sonja McLaughlan.

C4 graphics.png
C4 graphics.png

With an eye for detail and a passion for both graphic design and accessibility, early on in the Games I spotted a number of GFX templates with poor contrast. Dark text on a dark background (in this case blue on red) is known to be particularly problematic for those with visual impairments.


As a result, I raised this with the graphics team, using my role as founder of the Neurodiverse Media Community as credibility. I am pleased to say Chapter 3 Graphics, Whisper and Channel 4 were very receptive to the feedback and the graphics (as seen above) were subsequently changed.

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