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changed Broughton's social life

The story of how one local enthusiast


Stuart Fraser:

The Unsociable

Social Entrepreneur

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For further information on Autism (including Asperger syndrome), get in touch with The National Autistic Society. Visit their website or, for confidential expert advice, call their helpline 0808 800 4104.


If you have been affected by any of the issues in this documentary, you are not alone. Contact the Samaritans, a registered charity aimed at providing emotional support to anyone in distress, struggling to cope or at risk of suicide. Visit their website or call 116 123 for immediate support.


Stuart Fraser: The Unsociable Social Entrepreneur explores the life of local chef Stuart Fraser, 24. In 2016, he founded Sourced in Salford, a community interest company which has since become an award winning enterprise.

His Friday night supper club has become a hit in Broughton due to its £2 entry fee per person, restaurant-standard decor and food. The initiative works with FareShare, the UK's largest charity fighting hunger and food waste, to give back to the community in which Stuart grew up.


His latest venture, a new dry bar and café situated in the Salford Lifestyle Centre, aims to encourage the community to come together around food. Stuart said "if we can make this work, we'll be doing amazingly well", joking "success would be if we still exist in six months!"

Behind the scenes


Stuart Fraser

David Fraser

Jen Fraser

MargaretMary Carroll

Sheila Farrow

Jayne Gosnall

David Tate


Jackie Wallwork

Will Wallwork

Joanne Brown Barnes


Jackie Wallwork

Will Wallwork

Bev Jones

Linda Rowe-Gidley

Steven Rowe-Gidley

Sourced in Salford lead

Stuart's dad

Stuart's mum

Supper club / café attendee

Director of Sourced in Salford

Director of Sourced in Salford

Lecturer in psychology at the University of Salford

Supper club / café attendee

Supper club attendee

Stuart's ex-teaching


Supper club / café attendee

Café attendee

Stuart's long time friend and volunteer

Supper club / café attendee

Supper club / café attendee

Full crew credits

Nick Ransom

Julie McCarthy

University of Salford

Sally Ashton

Laura Beth

Oliver Crossland

Martin Griffiths

Daniel Jones

Kelsey Keighley

Simon Little

James Roebuck

Laura Shenton

Podington Bear

Scott Holmes

Frank Turner

Rutger Muller

Jonathan Tremblay



Radio facilities

Technical support

Technical support

Technical support

Technical support

Technical support

Technical support

Technical support

Technical support

Technical support





Additional sound

Additional sound


Jules McCarthy, Former Broadcast Journalist at BBC News

The documentary represents an exceptional standard of work and reflects Nick’s capability to succeed within the broadcast industry going forward. The work is produced to broadcast quality and meets all of the editorial guidance requirements prescribed. The number of contributors is exceptional with more than fifteen  people having been interviewed and edited as part of the story arc.


This production has been sensitively managed with discussions on Asperger’s and other autistic spectrum issues being explored throughout in an entertaining, informative and interesting way. From conception to final formatting Nick has demonstrated an extraordinary attention to detail, with excellent outcomes. This work represents a very high standard within this cohort and is worthy of high praise.

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