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Discussing all things neurodiversity at sport's Include Summit

4 May 2023

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Today, I spoke at the Include Summit in Manchester, reflecting on media and sport's  attitude to neurodiversity in a panel discussion.

A 'neurodiversity inclusion in sport' panel was part of the UK's largest conference focused on equality, diversity and inclusion in sport and held at Manchester Central as part of a two-day event.

Hosted by Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Officer at Surrey FA Evelyn Roberts, the panel explored access, representation and what needs to change to make sport and sports media more inclusive to neurodivergent individuals.

Also on the panel was former Olympic rower Caragh McMurtry, who I recently interviewed for Sky Sports. Senior Development Manager at Access Sport Lizzie Edgecombe and Managing Director of The Third Tea Nathan Sheratt also took part to share their experiences.

You can find out more about the Include Summit here.

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