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Feature explaining neurodiversity to sports fans airs on Sky Sports News

16 March 2023

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My feature talking to two autistic athletes as part of Neurodiversity Celebration Week has today aired on Sky Sports News.

Prior to talking to former Olympic rower Caragh McMurtry and Ironman triathlete Sam Holness, I explained the meaning of neurodiversity. I then explored the subject in a sporting context.

In the feature, rower Caragh reflected on the growth of her organisation Neurodiverse Sport, and how being diagnosed autistic "completely revolutionised" her performance. Meanwhile, triathlete Sam said, of competing: "it takes my anxiety away and makes me feel more relaxed."

It's always a pleasure to work for Sky Sports and a real honour to be able to raise awareness of neurodiversity via their platforms. Neurodivergent athletes face many barriers and it is critical the media showcase and highlight these.

You can watch the piece on the Sky Sports website.

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