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Proud to release Stuart Fraser: The Unsociable Social Entrepreneur

23 May 2018

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I am proud to release the 'final project' of my BA (Hons) Television and Radio degree at the University of Salford.

Stuart Fraser: The Unsociable Social Entrepreneur explores the life of local chef Stuart Fraser, 24. In 2016, he formed Sourced in Salford, a community interest company and an award winning enterprise.

The documentary was produced over three months and was recorded on location and in the studio. Over 15 hours of footage was recorded with nine contributors travelling to the university radio facilities at MediaCityUK to take part.

His Friday night supper club has become a hit in Broughton due to its £2 entry fee per person, restaurant-standard decor and food. The initiative works with FareShare, the UK's largest charity fighting hunger and food waste, to give back to the community in which Stuart grew up.

His latest venture, a new dry bar and café situated in the Salford Lifestyle Centre, aims to encourage the community to come together around food. Stuart said "if we can make this work, we'll be doing amazingly well", joking "success would be if we still exist in six months!"

You can listen to the documentary and find more about how it was made by clicking here.

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