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BBC camera training at Television Centre a roaring success!

14 January 2022

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Over the last two days, I completed camera training at Television Centre learning how to shoot on the Sony FX6.

Thanks to requirements on the BBC's Inside the Autistic Mind series, colleague Daisy and I were lucky enough to be personally tutored by experienced producer-director Rachel Tracy over two days of training.

During the two days of training, we learnt both how to build the Sony FX6 camera and shoot sequences that would work for the edit. We used various lenses as well as learning the all-important technical settings such as F stop, ISO and colour temperature.

The training also gives me the ability to shoot on other similar Sony cameras, such as the FS7. I'm hoping I can now take this knowledge and experience on location and help shoot some footage for Inside the Autistic Mind, which I joined in November.

You can find out more about the Sony FX6 camera here.

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