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Interview with autistic former top-flight footballer broadcast across the BBC

22 March 2024

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My interview with an autistic former Premier League footballer has been released as part of BBC coverage for Neurodiversity Celebration Week.

39-year-old Greg Halford, who played for Reading, Sunderland and Wolverhampton Wanderers in England's top-flight, found out he was autistic after his son was identified back in 2017.

An online feature and TV news report was released with sports fans learning about Halford's nervousness to socialise when starting out in the game. He said his inability to connect with team-mates was the reason he was sold by Reading. The club said in response they were committed to being as inclusive as possible.

Greg's story was published as part of BBC Sport's coverage marking Neurodiversity Celebration Week, an initiative celebrating the 1 in 5 who are autistic, dyslexic, dyspraxic, living with ADHD or have another form of neurodivergence. 

An article I wrote exploring readers' experiences of neurodivergence across sport was also posted on the site. One example was former netball player Beth Jackson who said that sport had "made me and saved me", with a sense of validation every time she got an interception or a turnover.

It was fascinating to meet Greg, who is set to team up with former Olympic rower Caragh McMurtry in an attempt to make sport more neuro-inclusive. His experiences will no doubt help other neurodivergent people and I'm proud to have worked with the BBC to bring his story to audiences in a insightful but accessible way.

You can watch my TV report detailing Halford's experiences by clicking here.

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