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Three 5 Live appearances during Neurodiversity Celebration Week

24 March 2024

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Neurodiversity Celebration Week has concluded with the final of my three appearances on BBC Radio 5 Live in the past seven days.

Covering neurodiversity throughout the week, this year, the station focused on those with Tourette's and those who are autistic. In the final few days, focus turned to neurodivergent people in sport.

With the week gaining momentum, I joined naturalist, presenter and neurodiversity advocate Chris Packham on 5 Live Drive to discuss the success of Inside Our Autistic Minds and the new series. Presenter Clare McDonnell concluded the segment by saying the series had fulfilled an "incredible public service".

Two days later on the same programme, I reported live from London and Neurodiverse Sport's inaugural event, encouraging greater understanding in the industry. The organisation's founder Caragh McMurtry spoke to me about a lack of data on the subject, after previewing the event and panel discussion, which I hosted.

To conclude the week, 5 Live Sport played and discussed my BBC interview with former Premier League footballer Greg Halford. The 39-year-old spoke about being identified as autistic while at Cardiff City, following his son's diagnosis. Pundit and ex-player Nedum Onuoha then spoke of how he "loved how open and honest" Halford had been.

You can listen to my appearances on BBC Radio 5 Live during Neurodiversity Celebration Week back-to-back by clicking here.

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