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Thrilled to pick up Alumni Achievement Award trophy from Uni of Salford

23 November 2022

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This afternoon, I collected with my Alumni Achievement Rising Star award trophy from the University of Salford.

The award, which I was unofficially presented with in June at the Create Student Awards, is given annually to former students in "recognition of exemplary service to the University or the wider community."

The university say the award also seeks to acknowledge Salford graduates who have been successful whilst overcoming difficult circumstances personally. They add: "We believe they are on their way to reaching ever greater success."

I'm incredibly proud to have won this award and very aware that this award simply represents potential for the future. It's therefore very important to me to stay focused on my growth and long-term strategy. I'd like to extend my huge thanks and appreciation to everyone who has helped get me to this point.

You can watch my reaction to being presented the award in June here.

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