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Proud to be supporting TV Access Project in quest for industry diversity

29 June 2023

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I am proud to be working on the TV Access Project, a pan industry initiative aimed at improving access for disabled talent.

As founder of the Neurodiverse Media Community, I am committed to ensuring the next generation of TV talent will never have to worry about access needs and is truly representative.

I launched the Neurodiverse Media Community in 2020 as a response to a lack of conversation around neurodiversity in media. In order to best serve its audience, I believe the TV industry has to recognise and accurately portray neurodiversity and that is only possible with diversity behind the scenes. 

Six workstreams are working to achieve full disability inclusion by 2030. I am part of the Talent Retention and Progression workstream, aiming to tackle the continuous exit of disabled talent from the industry. In addressing this, programmes will become even more accessible and representative.

You can find out more about the TV Access Project by clicking here.

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