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A trip to Shrewsbury to celebrate 10 years of Rainbow Laces

7 December 2023

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Today, my report celebrating the tenth anniversary of the Rainbow Laces campaign was broadcast on Sky Sports News.

Exploring Shrewsbury Town's work since the very first year of the campaign, I spoke to the club's Rainbow Laces ambassador Elliott Bennett as well as the LGBTQ+ supporters group and  club secretary.

Initially devised by betting firm Paddy Power, the campaign is now overseen by LGBTQ+ charity Stonewall. They describe the Rainbow Laces as "the leading way to show support for LGBTQ+ inclusion in sport."

In England, Shrewsbury's Bennett remains the only Rainbow Laces ambssador in professional football and on being asked whether he was surprised by a lack of other clubs introducing the role, he told me: "Yeah, I am, to be honest. I think normally when someone does something, it quickly follows on."

I really enjoyed my trip to Shrewsbury. Football is for everyone and until all forms of discrimination are eradicated from the game, features like this will always be necessary. As always, my thanks to Sky for their support with this piece.

You can watch the report back by clicking here.

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