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Feature with inspiring trans cricketer broadcast on Sky Sports News

6 February 2024

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Today, my feature on an inspiring trans cricketer from Warrington has been broadcast across programming on Sky Sports News.

Amelia, known as "Shorty", joined Warrington Cricket Club as a boy but is now transitioning. My report explored her journey and thoughts on participation of trans cricketers, while also reflecting on the support of her coach, Tom.

Shorty explained it was coming up to her eighth season of cricket when she started questioning her gender identity, something she describes as a "tough period". She said she did not know how this would affect her in sport or socially. On hearing this news, coach Tom rallied around her.

It was an honour to help highlight Shorty's remarkable journey on air and I'm proud to have shone light on the difficulties transgender athletes face. It is testament to Sky Sports News' commitment to diversity and representation that this story was told proudly across their channel and digital platforms.

You can watch the feature back by clicking here.

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