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19 episodes of A Question of Sport in the can following time in studio

1 August 2019

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Nearly four months after joining the hit BBC One sports quiz, we have now completed shooting over half of A Question of Sport's 49th series.

Only three episodes have been broadcast so far on the BBC but with just five days left of filming, I am already starting to reflect on an incredible experience with some remarkable memories.

As runners and researchers, we have travelled up and down the country to film some of sport's biggest names. The 'Mystery Guest' round is one of the show's iconic games, which sees the captains and their guests predict the identity of a star, hidden and disguised within a 45-second film.

Despite lasting almost 12 hours, studio days are fun and like nothing else, where traditionally nine programmes are filmed over three days. Sports stars and their families are left, right and centre but keeping everyone to schedule is the main priority.

I have also been lucky enough to witness some shows being directed in the studio gallery, where all camera feeds are on display and hundreds of buttons can do whatever you please. The conversations between director, producer and presenter are fascinating. As a child, I dreamt of moments like this.

The series continues every Friday night on BBC One and we'll be back recording in the studio at the end of September. To appear in the audience for future recordings, keep an eye out on the BBC Shows and Tours website by clicking here.

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