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More organisations and businesses take my neurodiversity training

1 February 2024

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In recent months, I've completed neurodiversity training at a number of organisations to finesse workplace culture and cohesion.

Teams in BBC Audio, True North and The Bureau for Investigative Journalism independently attended my newest range of courses exploring neurodiversity in the media.

In the past year, to complement my standard training, I've developed two new courses to help educate the media on neurodiversity. One explores responsible reporting on the subject while another runs through nifty tricks and hacks to make life in the workplace easier for everyone.

I've really enjoyed the last few months and met some really fascinating people across a variety of  settings. It's clear how vital training is to both empower neurodivergent employees and to improve representation on air. A huge thank you to everyone who came to the sessions for their engagement.

You can find out more about my neurodiversity consultancy work here.

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