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Location, Location, Location assistant producer role comes to an end

9 September 2022

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Today my four-week role as an assistant producer on Location, Location, Location came to an end after two days of filming in Wales.

Working with IWC Media, I researched the local housing market in our chosen area before finding properties for our producer and director to recce. I then spent two days out on location.

Now in its 37th series, Location, Location, Location has been on air for well over 20 years. Each week, experts Kirstie Allsopp and Phil Spencer help house hunters find their perfect property. It may be upsizing or downsizing, buying a first house or hoping to find that ideal 'forever home'.

I really enjoyed my time working with IWC Media. While on the road, I was responsible for keeping our house hunters happy and making sure that everything was in place for the next scene. There is nothing more satisfying than being out there and seeing all your prep come together on camera.

The episode I helped produce is to broadcast in late-2022 but more recent episodes of the show are available on All4 by clicking here.

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