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In vision on ITV1 and ITV4 reporting on accessibility at Swindon Town

15 January 2023

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In a landmark career moment, this weekend, I reported in vision for the first time on terrestrial television, on ITV's football coverage.

Covering the story of Swindon Town's effort to support autistic fans, thanks to new 'sensory packs', I delivered my first ever piece to camera professionally. The report was broadcast just hours later across ITV.

Ultimately shown four times across ITV1 and ITV4 over this weekend, the piece explored how autistic fans are being accommodated by the League Two club. Access to noise-cancelling headphones, a fidget spinner, stress ball and pop-it tray have transformed autistic fans' match day experience.

It is incredibly satisfying to be supporting the autistic community on air. If accommodated, autistic people can contribute as passionately and as enthusiastically as anyone else, if not more so. My thanks go to IMG and ITV for giving me the opportunity to bring this story to air.

You can watch the report in full here.

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