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Thrilled to be working with Chris Packham on two-part BBC doc about autism

6 December 2021

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I am thrilled to now be able to announce I am working on new two-part BBC doc Inside Our Autistic Minds with Chris Packham.

The series, now announced by the BBC, will see wildlife presenter Chris Packham explore the lives of autistic people. Those in the series will work with visual creatives to bring their 'interior world' to life.

Casting is now under way and in my role as an assistant producer, I am helping to interview prospective participants whilst also ensuring duty of care protocols are followed. It is great to also be able to offer support to the rest of the team from an autistic perspective.

In 2017, Packham, 60, presented a BBC documentary about his experience of being autistic titled Asperger’s And Me. On the latest commission, he said "some people say their autism is a ‘superpower’. I see it as a gift, but one which when you open it you don’t always get what you want. It will be interesting to see how others similar to me feel about their lives.”

Jack Bootle, BBC commissioning editor, said “this is a fascinating project. After the success of his multi award-winning documentary, Asperger’s And Me, I’m delighted that Chris is continuing to explore the autistic experience with the BBC.”

Personally, this is a fantastic project to be a part of, being autistic myself. I'm so proud to be working for an organisation passionate about representation and improving diversity on and off screen. I'll be working hard to make this series as accurate as possible, thus improving society for autistic people.

You can find out more about Inside Our Autistic Minds, initially produced as Inside the Autistic Mind, here.

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