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Final part of Inside Our Autistic Minds is broadcast on BBC Two

21 February 2023

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The BBC documentary series Inside Our Autistic Minds, for which I was an assistant producer, has concluded tonight on BBC Two.

The second episode saw football fan Anton reflect on his need for routine and structure with talented rapper Ethan illustrating life with sensory overload at his college in Basildon, Essex. 

In the episode, now available on BBC iPlayer, presenter Chris Packham also explores why autistic people exhibit restricted and repetitive behaviours. Chris is also given an insight into the sensory challenges of being autistic. 

The reception to this series has been incredibly overwhelming and inspiring. I'm so proud to have been part of this production and it's a little sad to think we've now finished the whole process. It's so touching to hear this programme has changed people's life for the better.

The whole series of Inside Our Autistic Minds is available on BBC iPlayer.

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