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Chris Packham's Inside Our Autistic Minds BBC series to start 14 February

2 February 2023

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The BBC have today confirmed Inside Our Autistic Minds, for which I worked as an assistant producer, will start airing on 14 February.

The documentary series will see wildlife presenter Chris Packham work with four autistic people to create short films, revealing to their family and friends what’s really going on inside their minds.

Executively produced by Amanda Lyon, the series aims to improve understanding of autistic people. Produced over the course of a year, two episodes will delve deeper into common themes experienced by the autistic community.

The BBC has confirmed, in episode one, Chris will help an autistic comedian open up to her mum and give a non-speaking autistic man "the chance to take his message to the world". Having been involved in the edit of both episodes, I'm so excited for the world to see these inspiring stories.

Being autistic, it was a real honour to work with Chris on this series and I know how hard everyone has worked in the BBC to bring this series to air sensitively and respectfully. Casting just four autistic people was tough but I know every autistic person will feel 'seen' in this series to some degree.

You can watch the first episode of Inside Our Autistic Minds on BBC Two at 9pm on Tuesday 14 February.

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