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First Four in a Bed road trip under way as shooting begins across UK

1 October 2021

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This week, I have spent my first few days on location helping film another block of Four in a Bed's upcoming fifteenth series.

After two weeks of prep in Studio Lambert's Manchester offices, on Monday I travelled to Cumbria to shoot scenes at the first B&B of my block before moving to Yorkshire on Wednesday.

As part of my role, I have worked to ensure all B&B owners on screen are happy and appropriately informed as to the evolving schedule. I have also aided DV Directors with kit and interviews, helping to ensure the many activities and observations that make up the week's competition are shot smoothly.

With one more week's filming still to complete, it is likely this first block I have worked on will air in mid-2022. At the end of this block, on 11 October, I will begin the process again one more time, producing the final block of the series.

It has been such a great experience working on the programme so far and I can't wait to get back on location with the diverse cast.

You can watch episodes of Four in a Bed on All4.

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