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My first news report airs on British television thanks to Channel 5

31 May 2023

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Tonight, my first commisioned non-sport related news report aired on British television, thanks to the teams at ITN and Channel 5 News.

Exploring the impact of how health, care and education systems respond to autistic children from marginalised families, I visited support group Autism Voice and then Iqra, a primary school teacher trainee.

Broadcast as part of 5 News at 5 on Channel 5, the report examined new research from the University of Birmingham that autistic children from Pakistani, Indian and ‘White other’ communities are under-represented in schools, due to a seemingly 'hostile' system.

5 News at 5, hosted by broadcasters Dan Walker and Claudia-Liza Vanderpuije, regularly receives a million viewers every weekday. Launched in 1997, the programme reaches different audiences to traditional outlets and covers a variety of subject matters.

You can watch the piece in full here.

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