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Back on Channel 5 News as I report on government's new activity drive

30 August 2023

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Tonight, I reported on-air on Channel 5 News, exploring the government's new fitness strategy, my first appearance since debuting in May.

Reporting from a gym in Carlisle, my package explored the new activity drive set by the government, aiming to increase participation targets to 2.5 million adults and 1 million children active by 2030.

Earlier this year, I featured on the programme investigating the impact of how health, care and education systems respond to autistic children from marginalised families. This first scheduled reporting shift was another step forward in my journalism career.

It was great to be back on the programme working with the great team at ITN. 5 News at 5 regularly picks up one million viewers and I therefore feel a huge responsibility on this programme. I look forward to hopefully working with the team again soon.

You watch the piece in full here.

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