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Reporting live for the first time in career-defining moment on Channel 5

13 October 2023

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Tonight I reported live on television for the first time, exploring news that 1.5 million UK homes are at increased risk of flooding by 2080.

Broadcasting to the nation from Warrington was a nervy but exciting first step into live reporting and while there is plenty to improve on, I'm glad to have my first 'live' completed.

Introducing a clip of flood resilience expert Mary Long-Dhonau talking about measures that be taken to prevent properties being flooded, I reflected on how climate change has increased scientific concern for coastal areas across the UK, such as Warrington.

The moment I was enstrusted to hold the Channel 5 network for nearly two minutes initially felt heavy but it wasn't long before my segment was over and I was able to take a moment to gather my thoughts. It later turned out everything I had said had made sense and the relief was overwhelming.

You can watch that live broadcast back by clicking here.

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