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Production of Bitesize Daily hits the half-way point after busy few weeks

22 May 2020

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Today marks the half-way point in production of Bitesize Daily, the BBC's new educational service I joined last month.

Broadcast on the red button and online every week day, the show is helping to educate students homeschooling amidst the Coronavirus pandemic. It will return on 1 June after half-term.

There were around 3 million unique visitors to the accompanying Bitesize website on the day of launch with parents praising the service for "bringing structure to homeschooling". The episodes aimed at secondary school students has been hosted by names such as Gethin Jones and Katie Thistleton.

Housed in the VT team, my role has been to produce quick 1-minute tours of the website, bringing together screen capture and video clips to demonstrate the BBC's wealth of resources. The programme is set to run until July and the national summer holidays.

You watch the whole series of BBC Bitesize Daily so far by clicking here.

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