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Educating BBC Sport staff on the evolving world of neurodiversity

14 November 2023

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This afternoon at MediaCityUK in Salford, I hosted neurodiversity training for staff of BBC Sport, covering responsible reporting.

Exploring language, representation, duty of care and my experience on BBC series Inside Our Autistic Minds, I took staff through the basics of neurodiversity before discussing the best ways to report on it.

Presenting eight months after I hosted the BBC Sport Open Day for disabled and neurodivergent talent, I finished by issuing a rallying cry, explaining how neurodiversity is often an 'after-thought' and that, in the media industry, we are 'miles off' accurate representation.

A huge thanks to the internal communications team within BBC Sport for letting me run this session and all those who came along. I am incredibly passionate about providing value for all for licence fee payers as well as balanced and fair coverage of neurodivergent people.

You can find out more about my consultancy work by clicking here.

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