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Dreams come true as I join BBC Sport full-time for 'a super summer of sport'

28 April 2021

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I am jubilant to be able to announce I have joined BBC Sport for five months, assisting the multimedia team as a journalism researcher.

Having completed a few freelance shifts in Sport during the last six months, it's a relief to finally earn a fixed-term contract after two previous failed attempts. Nearly a year after leaving the BBC, it's great to be back.

This summer, BBC Sport will cover a multitude of major sporting events including the delayed 2020 Olympic Games and European Football Championships. New cricket tournament The Hundred will also get under way in July.

Joining a department of the BBC I have observed and admired for, what feels like, my whole life is a dream come true. I am a massive sports fan and this new role perfectly brings together my two passions, creating digital content and watching sport.

You can find out about BBC Sport's online history by clicking here.

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