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Gary Neville interview goes viral after Noel Gallagher football jibes

24 May 2024

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A social media clip I produced starring football pundit Gary Neville has gone viral as he hit back at comments from musician Noel Gallagher.

Neville told the former Oasis star that, while he had been a big part of Manchester's history, "he lives in London", joking that he couldn't talk about the city as, for 25 years, "he's not been here".

The comments came in response to an interview Manchester City fan Gallagher had conducted with the BBC after the side won a record fourth consecutive Premier League title on Sunday. The result had bettered a record formerly held by Neville's Manchester United side since 2001.

Gallagher pondered "Gary Neville, at the moment, I wonder how he's feeling". When talking to us for the BBC on Tuesday, the former England defender smiled, "I'm good Noel, thanks". My 30-second video edit of this virtual exchange was viewed over 1.3 million times across social media in under 24 hours.

The interview was conducted as the businessman and pundit opened a new restaurant at his Stock Exchange Hotel in central Manchester with chef Niall Keating. The hotel promises the Tender restaurant will be a "luxury dining experience".

You can watch the popular clip of our BBC interview by clicking here.

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