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Reporting on air for the BBC for the first time on Radio 5 Live's morning show

22 December 2022

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I reported on air for the BBC for the first time today, as I appeared on BBC Radio 5 Live, broadcasting from MediaCityUK.

Talking to presenter Adrian Chiles, who was based in London, I reflected on how being autistic impacts people at this time of year before introducing a selection of views from the autistic community. 

The BBC describe Radio 5 Live as the "BBC Radio’s home of breaking news and live sports coverage", reflecting on "major news stories and sports events as they happen". Adrian Chiles has been working for the BBC for nearly 30 years.

It was a nerve-wracking but exciting first appearance reporting on air for the BBC. This has been a space I've wanted to work in my whole life but while I enjoyed my time on air, it was a testing experience that will certainly shape future work.

You can listen to some of my appearance on the station here.

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