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A trip to Stockport to appear as part of BBC Bitesize's Schools Tour

20 October 2023

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Today, I joined a panel at a school in Stockport as part of BBC Bitesize's Schools Tour, inspiring young people on potential careers.

Four year groups at Marple Hall School in Greater Manchester were each treated to a 50-minute discussion about life after exams with the panel featuring a variety of guests from a variety of industries.

The 2023 Bitesize Schools Tour will see thousands of students across the UK access career insights from a multitude of industry professionals, as a survey for BBC Children’s & Education in 2022 suggested that 71% of 12-18 year olds wanted more advice on careers.

Discussing life in the media as an autistic journalist, I was proud to discuss my ups and downs in front of young people, in which 1 in 5 are diagnosed as neurodivergent. After the session presented by journalist Steve Forbes, students asked questions of their own.

You can visit careers advice on the BBC Bitesize website by clicking here.

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