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Take a look at my work on the BBC Sport website, the most popular sports service in the UK.

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Euro 2020: Best Moments

I produced and edited this video to mark the end of Euro 2020, looking back at the best moments from the tournament. 

With the Italy vs England final looming, I had a rough draft done by kick-off, with just the final section to do. Once Italy had won, I then got to work staying up until nearly 2am to complete the video.

After doing a few changes in the morning, the video went live on the front page, picking up 70,000 views in 24 hours. 

Tokyo 2020 Olympics highlights

US gymnast Simone Biles had a challenging Olympic Games in Tokyo, considering the mental struggles she was experiencing. She returned for the balance beam final and won a bronze medal.

The website edit was updated a number of times throughout the day as new footage became available. Amazingly, the website version of this video hit over 180,000 views within its first day, showing the real appetite for Olympic coverage.

Never did I ever think I'd be cutting showjumping! This event was actually really easy to follow and it was great to see Britain's Ben Maher come out on top and win gold.

This was the only British gold medal I cut of the Games and it was quite a nail biting finish as the contest went to a jump-off. In 24 hours, this video was viewed over 200,000 times in its first week across both the BBC Sport website and YouTube.

This was one of my favourite edits of the entire Games. Quan Hongchan, 14, from China scored three perfect 10s to win gold. It was a magnificent performance and it really was a pleasure cutting this compilation of those three dives.

Encouraged to make it quick, the music really helped emphasise those key moments. It was also my most viewed video of the Games, hitting nearly 400,000 views in 24 hours on the website alone.

Surfers Italo Ferreira and Hiroto Ohhara ride big waves

Initially, Olympic surfing felt a little underwhelming when we watched it in the office for the first time. However, a tropical storm a few days into the Games produced some massive waves and a lot of entertainment.

This provided great ammunition for a quick edit and I had real fun picking out some incredible moves from Italo Ferreira and Hiroto Ohhara. This video almost made 100,000 views on the website.

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