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BBC Bitesize

Take a look at my work on the support website for young people.

Due to rights restrictions, for a number of these videos you will have to click through to the article to watch the video.

To view my work on Bitesize Daily, which supported students during the Coronavirus outbreak, click here.

BBC Bitesize.png

Alice Fevronia

Interviewing 2019 Great British Bake Off finalist Alice about her day job as a geography teacher was a real pleasure. Her enthusiasm was clear!

This was a really fun shoot capturing the day to day life of a teacher. Her pupils were very accommodating therefore making it a very relaxed and creative process!

Alice GFX.png

2020 Promo

Whilst I didn't cut the original version of this promo, I conducted an extensive re-edit of the master file that included newly branded graphics and a number of shot replacements.

It was a challenging re-cut on just a rendered file but it was incredibly satisfying to get this pacy promo complete to be shared around the country.

Organisation Hacks

This was a really fun one to help produce with YouTuber Jack Edwards and Radio 1's Katie Thistleton coming across really well on screen.

Designing the on-screen graphics was a very creative process and whilst there was a lot of experimentation, I'm pleased with the results! See the full article here.


This was a video I helped produce and then edit for the Bitesize social channels. Its aim was to direct viewers to this article, featuring the video above.


Whilst I thoroughly enjoyed cutting it, coming up with the dilemmas was equally as entertaining. Jack and Katie then worked their magic!

Jack GFX.png
Dilemmas - Thumbnail GFX.png
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