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A Question of Sport

Take a look at my work on the longest-running sports TV quiz show.


Mystery Guest VTs

The round which sees famous sports stars taking on an unusual activity. Can those in the studio spot who it is?

Michael Vaughan

Mark Foster

Cricket & Swimming

These two were shot for our Christmas episode. Despite shooting these in early-Autumn, they were great fun to film with two great stars. 

Kelly Holmes


This was a great trip down to Royal Tunbridge Wells to film Kelly. Working with my colleague Kyle, we enjoyed getting creative filming her on the climbing wall. She was as professional as ever with very little training required!

Jamie George

Rugby Union

This was a great shoot and a great edit to complete. The highlight has be to taking a hire car through a deep ford to find the secluded filming location. Jamie was a true pro to work with and on the whole, I'm really pleased with the VT!

Raymond Van Barneveld


One of my most surreal experiences at A Question of Sport was driving a former world champion around Barnsley. Whilst I didn't direct or edit this shoot with Raymond, it was a fun, creative one to assist with. The magician was a joy to work with which meant the filming was a smooth operation.

Sam Quek


Our shoot with Sam Quek was my first attempt at a Mystery Guest VT and a lot of planning and rehearsal went in to understanding the intricacies of the GH5 cameras. The animals were very accommodating and Sam was a joy to work with.

Helen Glover


My colleague Rachel and I travelled down to Maidenhead to film Helen. She was a great sport and had no problem getting her hands dirty! Lilian at Lily Pottery was a joy to work with and I'm really pleased with how the piece came together.

Kate Richardson-Walsh


This shoot was one of my favourites. Kate was fantastic to work with and really enjoyed the experience learning to kayak. There was a lot of planning into this shoot that included specific focus on health and safety and the ability to get good footage. Editing this was a total joy.

Observation Round VTs

Can the teams in the studio remember the smallest of details from a quick sporting montage?


This Observation Round centred around 'time passing by'. Using clips from the BBC Sport archive, my challenge was to create a busy VT with lots of ammunition for questions.


The technique was to feature as many sports as was possible to create a dynamic, visually-pleasing watch.

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