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Linking up with the podcast to discuss neurodiversity

29 September 2023

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A podcast episode on neurodiversity, recorded with Jacob Granger from, has been published today.

In the episode, Jacob and I discuss how neurodivergent journalists can be encouraged to thrive in the newsroom, exploring burnout, sensory challenges and the benefits of diversity of thought.

Based in Brighton, was founded in 1999 by John Thompson, with his business Mousetrap Media Ltd fully incorporated in 2000. The site receives roughly 156,000+ views every month with 16,000+ subscribers signed up to news and jobs bulletin emails.

Their weekly podcast features insights into the latest developments in journalism while talking to industry experts from around the world. They regularly explore how newsrooms are adapting to changes in both society and wider media, recently amassing 300 episodes.

You can listen to my appearance on the podcast by clicking here.

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