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Live across BBC radio stations exploring more autistic experiences

3 March 2023

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In the past 24 hours, I have been live across BBC radio stations giving further insight and  understanding of autistic people.

Beginning and ending a busy Thursday on air, I first appeared on Radio Manchester's breakfast programme before taking part in OJ Borg's iconic Midnight Mastermind segment on Radio 2's overnight show.

As part of a feature produced for Radio Manchester, I went to Inscape House School in Cheadle to gain understanding as to autistic people who are selectively mute. I'm so proud to have helped given hope to young people who are often written off and undervalued by society.

It is so great to be helping bring wider understanding of autistic people to mainstream audiences. Autistic people need respect and positive, accurate representation and that to be helping do that is a real pleasure and a responsibility. I am really excited for the future of autistic people.

You can listen to my appearance on Radio 2 here and my appearance on Radio Manchester here

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